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Artifact’s at the Ganalili

Personal background and family history: Artefact maker

  1. My name is Wayne Stevens and my father is Peter Stevens (deceased) who is a Gurruma man. My mother is Julie Malcolm, who is my mum, Berry Malcolm’s sister. Berry and my mum are Yindjibarndi. I have been all over the Yindjibarndi country.
  2. My mother’s mother was Topsy Malcolm. She belonged to Buminjina on Burluwurluna (Tambrey Station) in Yindjibarndi country. She was an Yindjibarndi.
  3. I went through the Birdarra Law and also comply with Wallijingha Law. They are different Laws and the Birdarra Law belongs to the Yindjibarndi.
  4. Strangers to country should ask when they are going on to other groups’ country. It is the way for all people of the Pilbara. We all know this rule and respect it.
  5. I was taught this by my old people from both Gurruma and Yindjibarndi sides of the family. They would tell you to show respect and ask if it is alright if you want to take something from that country. You should go to the elders and ask them.
  6. The first rule is that if you do not have connection you have to go through the right channels. If people do not ask permission and follow the right cultural protocols, then they cannot come on to the land of a stranger. If the protocols are ignored and the strangers go onto someone’s country, then they will be in spiritual danger. They may get followed home and get sick. There could be serious consequences from the spirits and the people too.
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