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Samantha - Retail Specialist


retail Specialist

Wanthiwa (Hello)

Hi my name is Samantha Donaldson and I grew up in Coolgardie/Kalgoorlie area in W.A

My interests are retail & tourism.

I hope to provide great customer service and impart my knowledge of Indigenous culture to everyone.


  • 08 6118 5286
Jess - retail specialist


Retail Specialist

My name is Jessica, I grew up in Roebourne, Western Australia. I am a Yindjibarndi woman, both my parents, live out in a small remote community called ”Ngurrawaana” which means going home in Yindjibarndi language. Most of my life, growing up, was out Cheeditha community and between Roebourne and Ngurrawaana, also Wickham, living around mostly in the Pilbara was the highlight of my life. Those years of my life, growing up, were the happy days, especially my elders the old people, taught me many lessons in my life, teaching me about my Ngurra (Country). And what food to eat out on Ngurra. Those were the days, growing up.

  • 08 6118 5286
Amelia - Retail Specialist


retail Specialist

Wanthiwa (Hello),

My name is Amelia, I grew up in Roebourne Western Australia. I live in Karratha,  I am a mother of 4. I love my Community and enjoy sharing my culture with tourists.


  • 08 6118 5286


Retail Specialist

Wanthiwah ngarndu nyini Joylene.

I am a Yindijibarndi woman, I live in Cheeditha Community. I am a mother and an artist, I started painting about 13 years or more ago.

I love my culture and I love doing painting of my country.


  • 08 6118 5286
Tenellia - a retails specialist


retail Specialist

Wanthiwa, local Yindjibarndi woman living & working in Roebourne. My main interests include:

  • family,
  • learning about my culture
  • all forms of art especially painting.

I enjoy being apart of the Ganalili Team.


  • 08 6118 5286
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