Yindjibarndi Cultural Awareness Training


Delivered by: Yindjibarndi Traditional Owners – both men and women

Wawardu: Wawardu Limited is a not-for-profit organisation set up by Juluwarlu Group Aboriginal Corporation to manage the Ganalili Centre and to deliver Yindjibarndi Cultural Awareness Training (YCAT) in the Ganalili Centre Yindjibarndi Cultural Space.

Juluwarlu: Juluwarlu Group Aboriginal Corporation (Juluwarlu) was created and is owned, operated and managed by local Indigenous community Elders and members. The organisation is set up to meet the special needs of local people, ulitising our unique knowledge of self. Since we were founded in the late 1990’s our activities have been centred upon what is best for our personal and communal identity, health and well- being. Via the direction and employment of our local Elders we document, archive and publish the language, contemporary lives, art, song, dance, history, culture and country of the Yindjibarndi people, which inherently strengthens our society.
Positively embedded within the community, Juluwarlu promotes a healthy lifestyle that revolves around the traditional values imposed via Yindjibarndi language, Birdarra law, country and culture, and excludes the use of alcohol and illegal drugs.

Country: Yindjibarndi country extends from about 30 kilometres inland from the coast south of Nunyerry Gap and Yanarie Tank, takes in the Harding River and Dam, Fortescue River, Millstream National Park, the Hamersley and Chichester Ranges and extends almost to Wittenoom, Hamersley Gorge and Pannawonica.

Our Religion: In our Law it is said that in the beginning the sky was very low. When the creation spirits got up from the ground, they lifted the sky and the world out of the sea. The creation spirits are called Marrga…If Marrga are not approached and spoken to in the proper way, they might hurt visitors or make them sick. It was the Marrga and Minkala/Mangunyba (Skygod) that named and shaped the country, then all the birds and animals, and finally the Ngaardangarli (Aboriginal people) came from the Marrga themselves. In other places they call this the ‘dreaming’, but here we call it Ngurra Nyjunggamu – ‘when the world was soft’.



Our Yindjibarndi Cultural Awareness Training (YCAT) discusses:

  1. Who we are.
  2. Where our country is.
  3. Why our language is so important.
  4. Why it is that Indigenous Australians have the lowest income, the poorest health, will die younger, have the highest overcrowding, the highest rates of incarceration, most number of dependents, lowest private property ownership etc …
  5. Historical legislated racism/the stolen generation.
  6. Yindjibarndi’s positive approach to righting these historical facts – our positive activism via Juluwarlu Group Aboriginal Corporation – the importance of a strong Yindjibarndi identity.
  7. Yindjibarndi religion/Galharra – our social relationship system.
  8. How you can fit in with our relationship system.
  9. Indigenous Australians living in contemporary society.
  10. Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation:
    The three C’s: Commercial, Culture, Community.
  11. Working and positively engaging with RTIO – our commercial, community and cultural partnership.
  12. Yurra, The Ganalili Centre (the old Victoria Hotel), the Wanggalili project, Juluwarlu, Cheeditha, Ngurrawaana.
  13. Our shared experience – how can we be positive activists working together for a better informed Australia.

Yindjibarndi Overnight Camps at Wuyumarri (Gregory Gorge)

Wuyumarri is a highly significant place for the Yindjibarndi people. Located on Yarndanyirra (the Fortescue River) downstream from Jirndawurrunha (Millstream), the Yindjibarndi documented 70 sites in its 2008 publication, Ngurra Warndurala Buluyugayi Wuyumarri (Exploring Yindjibarndi Country – Gregory Gorge), which are located in close proximity to the camping area. We offer Yindjibarndi Cultural Awareness Training (YCAT) overnight camps for up to 25 participants.
We provide all necessary food, drinks, first aid, ground sheets, toilets, swags, tents camping gear etc for all of our tours. All the participant needs to bring is any personal items, medication, shorts, swimming gear, sleeping attire, toiletries and/or preferred snacks.
No alcohol is permitted for any Juluwarlu/Yindjibarndi field trips. Anyone with alcohol will be sent home.

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