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Yindjibarndi Jewellery

Falt seed Bouhnia (Bean Tree) This tree belongs to the Pilbara and it is a strong medicine. Red/ yellow seed Batwing Tree or Bean Tree Desert people call ninti.

Coryrnbia Hamersleyan – Bloodwood, Red sap is called Mardawud in Yindjibarndi and it is a powerful bush medicine. The young leaves are boiled before being inhaled to clear the chest. This is Bigali’s favorite tree. The nuts on the earrings are from this tree.

Hakea Lorea – The bark is burned to ash and then rubbed on skin to keep the body cool. The nectar (like runny honey) was put in water to make a sweet drink. The wood is often used to make boomerangs. It is a beautiful colour. The long seeds I’ve used for earrings are also from this tree.

Acacis Monticala – Wood from this tree is used to make boomerangs. The seeds are the very small ones used on the earrings.

2 thoughts on “Yindjibarndi Jewellery

  1. Great site Jewelry looking beautiful looking forward to seeing more, great presentation Samantha
    from Ellen in and Janet in Kalgoorlie

  2. I love this jewelry and hoping I will be able to see Ganalli next time I’m in Australia and get some more the earrings are so beautiful. From Anita Hey in Spain

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